Woody Allen is notorious for his avoidance of technology. Granted, he's not a Luddite or anything, but his refusal to use computers or the internets is nearly religious in its level of commitment. Clearly, it would take something very important to persuade Woody to get over his fears - and Dreamworks has found the secret password. Say it with me now: "movie promotion."

Yep, it's Match Point that's dragged the director into the modern era. The film, which already carries with it a huge buzz thanks to its success at Cannes last spring, has been the subject of an unusually tech-heavy promotion campaign, including a series of video podcasts that are available for free download at the iTunes store. Though this is the first time that studio-created podcasts have been used to promote a movie, it surely will not be the last, as studios learn to use technology more effectively to raise the profile of their films.

The podcasts are all based around interviews with Allen, and are being pushed by the studio as more than just promotional tools. According to Terry Press, who runs Dreamworks' marketing department, the detailed interviews resemble a Match Point commentary track (a feature that will not be showing up on the film's DVD, since Allen refuses to do them).
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