Joss Whedon's upcoming Wonder Woman film has been the subject of much casting debate over the past few months. As pre-production on the film looms ever closer these rumors have increased, with several popular names floating about, Eliza Dushku probably being the most frequently mentioned. MovieHole, however, suggests that Warner may go in an entirely different direction from all previous rumors- taking instead a newcomer to fill the role. The MovieHole mailbag says "a little birdie told me recently that Warner are so over the moon with newcomer Brandon Routh in Superman Returns that they’re keen to get a fresh face to fly the Invisible Jet too."

I care so little about Wonder Woman that I find it difficult to form an opinion on any news regarding her upcoming film. However, if Routh is as amazing as all early reports seem to suggest, then it makes sense for Warner to move in a similar directon with Wonder Woman. Any serious fans out there with an opinion to share?

[via moviehole]

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