Entirely unreliable source Entertainmentwise is reporting that Catherine Zeta-Jones has a major Vegas jones. Now that she's "conquered Hollywood," the Welsh mobile phone hawker has set her sights on a Vegas show of her very own - inspired, she confesses, by a childhood Cher obsession. Though this is probably one of those taken totally out of context and then stitched carefully together quotes, Zeta-Jones is alleged to have actually said "I want to do a Vegas show."

I realize that enthusiasm for this sort of thing is wildly out of character for the cynical crew at Cinematical, but this is one unsubstantiated rumor I am fully behind. The woman was easily the best thing in Chicago, has a stage background, and can sing and dance. Plus, her show would surely have a sense of humor, unlike some other unnamed Vegas ego-fests. So why the hell not?
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