I'm sure Chloë Sevigny had a very good reason for agreeing to star in Carousel, a advertising film for Ritz Fine Jewelery that runs over six minutes and consists mostly of her lolling around hotels rooms in various costumes and wigs. A desperate love for Ritz products, for example. Or a desire to stretch herself as an actress in a way that doesn't involve Vincent Gallo. Or, more likely, cold, hard cash.

While a Bande à part reference is always welcome no matter how cheap and obvious it is, the short as a whole is just painfully boring - though I suppose it would be even more so were the face pouting in the middle of it a slightly less familiar one. But really, is anyone going to watch the movie and be seized by a need to buy diamonds from Ritz, thus repaying whatever it cost the company to get Sevigny to appear? I'm thinking no.

[via A Socialite's Life]
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