Jane Fonda, the Oscar-winning actress who has been associated with political protest since speaking out against the Vietnam War, is pleading on behalf of David Zeiger's documentary Sir! No Sir! She is lending her name not as an endorsement of the film to the public, but in an effort to raise money to raise audience awareness. The film is the "stirring story of the GI's who rebelled against and helped end the war in Vietnam," according to Fonda's letter sent to exhibitors by producer Pangea Productions. Fonda likens the war in Vietnam to the current war in Iraq, calling attention to the increase in opposition, the thousands of desertions and the "counter-recruitment movement" that has "blossomed in high schools, challenging the military's efforts to recruit new troops to fight the war."

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but was Jane Fonda not married to media mogul Ted Turner for about a decade? I hear he has some money. Was Jane Fonda not largely responsible for the very lucrative aerobics craze in the 1980's? Didn't that make her a couple bucks? Incidentally, "Hanoi Jane", as she was once known, was protested earlier this year by a couple of exhibitors in Elizabethtown, Kentucky (the same town in Cameron Crowe's film, Elizabethtown) who took issue with her anti-war stance over three decades ago.
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