The guys who videonapped Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's wedding video and then tried to ransom it back to the couple, weren't exactly the brightest of bad guys. The video was on a laptop that was stolen, along with Anthony's car, back in October. The car was recovered but the laptop was not; somehow (ahem) the laptop ended up in the hands of criminal masterminds Tito  Moses, 31 and Steven Wortman, 49.

Moses and Wortman first tried hawking their ill-gotten find to media outlets, including People,US Weekly and Hollywood Access, who all (shockingly enough) said thanks, but no thanks. Undeterred, the ruthless pair then contacted Marc Anthony Productions and offered to sell the video back to the salsa king for a cool one million (geez, even Dr. Evil would have known to ask for at least $10 million if he'd executed such an eeeeevil plan). Anthony apparently involved the NYPD, who ran a sting operation and busted the videonappers, who have now been charged with conspiracy, attempted grand larceny, and possession of stolen property. Apparently the DA decided not to file charges of criminal stupidity.

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