At least according to a Flickr photo, she is - "Julie Delpy & Band," it says. (I wonder if said band is more offended to be called "band" or "The Delpys," which was their name way back in 2004.) Based on some quick Googling, it seems that, for some odd reason, Delpy and Band tour only in Germany - is there a wild love for her there that the rest of the world doesn't share? Or do they perhaps appreciate pale movie star music more than the the rest of us?

To Delpy's credit, based on a nearly unintelligible Google translation of this German review (there's also a photo gallery from the concert here), she seems to both write her own songs and play guitar, two things that put her miles ahead of a lot of pop stars who don't even have a second career. That said, I dare say the woman has a long way to go before she can even breathe the same air as Vanessa Paradis, the once and future queen of French actress/pop stars.

[via Feeling Listless]
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