• The New York City tax incentive program Made in NY has so far been a rousing success, drawing $600 million in new filmmaking business to the city, and creating more than 6,000 jobs. The progame has helped pay for a total of 350 film and TV productions this year, and it's not just about tax credits – the city also offers free advertising on any city-owned media property to productions that conduct at least 75% of their shoot here, which somewhat explains why I can't leave the house without seeing an ad for The Producers.
  • In other non-Hollywood Hollywood news, Washington state is putting together its own incentive package to lure film production back to the states from Canada. The project, organized by a group of Seatlle-based industry leaders and soon to work itself through the Washington legislature, would offer rebates of up to $1 million per picture (which seems pathetically low for all but the most indie of productions). The state is said to be smarting over the loss of several recent, Seattle-set films to the more affordable British Columbia.
  • And now, you've been patient, so here's your Lohan: Fox is moving the young bombshell's upcoming Just My Luck from March to May. They're apparently so confident in the film, they're setting it up to compete against Warner Brothers' huge-money remake, Poseidon.
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