UPDATE: A couple of readers have asked if the "ned help" error was my typo, or the MovieFone bot's. I copied and pasted these conversations directly from my Adium logs - I don't know who Ned is, but I assure you, it's a botstake.

We've tried to give the MovieFone IM bot, our corporate daddy's attempt to place movie showtimes at our instant message-crazed fingertups, a fair shot. But today the robot basically accused me of being a sex offender, so I think all bets are now off.

Here's what happened: I was wondering if the Alfred Hitchcock retrospective at Film Forum was still underway. Because MovieFone ostensibly recognizes directors, I pulled up the bot and typed Alfred's name in. But the bot apparently thought I was being unsavory:
2:49:14 PM karinalongworth: alfred hitchcock
2:49:14 PM moviefone: That's rude. I'm here to help. Type, help if you ned it.

It went on from there. I then tried to find the series by film title:
2:50:11 PM karinalongworth: Psycho
2:50:12 PM moviefone: Excuse me?
2:50:17 PM karinalongworth: Psycho
2:50:17 PM moviefone: Pardon me? I tried to find movies and directors related to what you typed but didn't have any luck. Can you try again?

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