Comedian Craig Shoemaker has teamed up with National Lampoon to launch online and brick-and-mortar versions of The Laughter Store. This unique boutique sells a host of comedy-related items like stand-up comedy DVDs and CDs, t-shirts, Laughter Baskets™, gag gifts, toys and novelties as well as an extensive selection of joke books. Of course, this would mean more relief for Shoemaker's noble, non-profit Laughter Heals Foundation (which receives a portion of every purchase) if the once-iconic National Lampoon name had not been so inbred over the last two decades by increasingly stupid Vacation sequels, one-joke movies like Van Wilder and no-joke movies like the groin-pull, Gold Diggers. Now National Lampoon's Animal House - that was a funny friggin' movie.

Comedy fans in the L.A. area can visit The Laughter Store at 15140 Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.
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