TheHarry Potter cast, as we all know by now, is growing to the point of becoming dangerously costly. Chief among the new additions to the Potter-verse this year was young actress Katie Leung, who portrayed Potter crush Cho Chang. Fans are aware that the part of Cho will grow in the next film, which of course means we haven't seen the last of Leung in Wizardland. Apparently she impressed some people with her first foray into the realm of major motion pictures; Lueng has been nominated for the Outstanding Newcomer Award to be presented during the 2006 Asian Excellence Awards sponsored by AZN Television. Battlestar Galactica'sGrace Park has also been nominated for the award.  The awards show will take place in late January.

What do you think, fans? Was Lueng impressive enough to merit an award? I don't know, honestly. She filled the part well--but frankly, there wasn't alot to the part and I don't think she did anything particularly spectacular. I don't mean that to be a criticism of her acting ability, I just think we'll probably have a better idea of her talent after the next film. Presuming, of course, that her part doesn't get cut down to mere moments of screen time. Thoughts?