BloodyDisgusting dot com is running with some casting rumors for the newest in the Resident Evilmovie franchise. They affirm the popular belief that Sienna Guillory and Milla Jovovich will be returning to reprise their roles as Jill and Alice. They also report that Mike Epps is also returning, and that Paul Anderson, writer/director of RE1 and writer for RE2,  will be writing and directing RE3. Perhaps more interesting to fans (presuming there are any) of the movie series is the introduction of Leon Kennedy and Wekser, characters that gamers will remember from the VG franchise. RE:Afterlife is currently targeting for a 2007 release.

I am a sometimes fan of RE as a video game series (particularly the first and most recent titles) and a never fan of the movies. I know they weren't as terrible as they could have been- but they certainly weren't good, either. I'm not looking forward to the cinematic return of the franchise, although I think it's nice that Leon is seeing some screen time. Good for you, Leon.

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