Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling wrote on her official web site that she will begin writing the seventh and final volume of the dizzingly popular Potter series in January. From the sound of it, she hopes to have the book completed by the end of 2006. If you follow the link, you can read Rowlings mixed feelings on approaching the final bow for her famous characters. "I can't imagine life without Harry." Be it good or bad, I don't really think any of us can really imagine life without the young wizard anymore, either. She also discusses some of the plans she has written out for the final book- including her looming sense of worry for the "chapter of doom;" a chapter that she feels is in every one of her novels. She indicates, however, that "the quintessential, never, I hope, to be beaten Chapter That Nearly Broke My Will To Go On" was in book six.

Fans, does this mean we can put to rest the 'death of Harry' rumors? One would think that Harry dying would trump anything else in a "broke my will to go on" manner. Or maybe Harry's death will be so majestic and powerful that it won't be viewed as sad or will breaking at all. Thoughts? And while we're at it, who wants to wager on how old Radcliffe and company will be when they finally get around to filming book seven?