According to Contact Music, Steven Spielberg is in talks to remake the classic musical-movie Mary Poppins. Supposedly, GODberg (that too much?) has approached the director of the staged British version of Poppins, Sir Richard Eyre, in hopes to kick-start the project. Eyre goes on to explain, "Spielberg wants to make a new film of Mary Poppins and we've talked a lot about it. It will be hard to outdo the original but kids love the story and I'm sure that the remake will be a real success."

Oy vei, say it ain't so Steve! Do we really need another Mary Poppins flick? C'mon, the whole spoon full of sugar thing? Seriously? While the article does use the word "helm," the quote does not. This leaves me thinking that, if anything, he'll be producing it. I mean, can you see Steven Spielberg directing a Mary Poppins remake? However, he did do Hook, but that was far from the sing-songy delight that is Mary Poppins. What about Indiana Jones 4? What about another film featuring Tom Hanks? Heck, I'll even take a dinosaur fighting an alien in Israel over some cheesy Mary Poppins remake any day. What do you think?

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