has released its official lists of the Most and Least Annoying personalities of the year, and whilst all the usual suspects are represented - Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and, for the second consecutive year in the number five slot, the elusive Osama Bin Laden – surely the least surprising "winner" is the sites pick for the most annoying celebrity of all, Mr. Tom Cruise. His antics have a far reach: surely at least in part thanks to his promotion thereof, the whole of Scientology came in at #17. Also on the list: Sadaam Hussein (still annoying in jail), Adolf Hitler (still annoying in death), and Tara Reid (still annoying in Taradise). Far more random is the Least Annoying, which is topped by the venerable Gene Hackman and includes such strange listfellows as John Goodman, Lisa Kudrow, and Leonardo Da Vinci. And surely there's been some mistake - how could Mandy Moore be the 4th least annoying person of the year? Shouldn't Entourage fans be up in arms?
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