There seems to be a never ending flow of new information regarding the upcoming addition to the X-Men franchise as its May 26th release date looms ever closer. Here's the quick and dirty on the most recent developments for all you fanboys and girls out there:

  • X-Men 3 has wrapped principal photography in Vancouver and is now moving into the post-production phase.
  • The film was shot on the same stages as X2, with much of the same crew, and was the biggest production to date in Canada. Sets for the movie have been held in case of reshooting needs.
  • Arclight will be in the film as a member of the Brotherhood (In the comics, Arclight was a member of the Marauders). The part is apparently very small.
  • Spectral Motion built the Juggernaut suit that Vinnie Jones wore.

[via Comics Continuum]

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