Filmmakers have been known to do some pretty crazy things to get money to realize their vision on film, from selling blood to taking out credit cards in their infant childrens' names to borrowing the money from the Mob. Filmmaker Allen Wolf is more sensible than that, as he has melded his love of film with his a game designer. No, he doesn't program for Activision or Electronic Arts, he creates old-fashioned board games. And he's really good at it, too. It seems that every time he sets out to create one, it wins a major award, like Game Of The Year. Wolf is using the profits from brain-powered Morning Star Games like You're Pulling My Leg!, JabberJot and Pet Detectives to fund his first feature, the thriller In My Sleep. The film, which will be produced under Wolf's Morning Star Films banner, will star Stephen Baldwin, Lochlyn Munro and Tony Hale from Arrested Development, with a planned summer 2006 start date.

So the question is, "What would you do (or have you done) for a Klondike Bar?"
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