The good folks over at CBR had another interesting guest visit recently; this time comic's creator Matt Wagner stopped by for a chat. He's an interesting and intelligent guy, and he had several things to say- you can read the whole exchange here. Most interesting for Cinematical and our readers, however, was an off-the-cuff announcement of a recently signed movie deal. It seems that Wagner is trying yet again to shop out his popular Grendel title. He's got a deal going with Warner Brothers, and seems to be rather optimistic about the film's chances.  When asked which Grendel would show up on the silver screen, Wagner answered "Christine. Not only is she the most sympathetic version but, since Hunter's presence runs so strongly throughout her tale, we get to introduce Grendel as both a character and a concept all in the same film. And, hey, vengeance driven action chick in a black leather outfit and mask ... what's not to love, right?"

I was with him until that last sentence. It sounds to me like he described Catwoman pretty accurately, and there's certainly a lot not to love about that film. However, the prospect of a Grendel film is certainly tantalizing, and I think that Christine is as good a choice as any  for a full length feature. I'll admit, however, that I'm only a casual fan. I've read through a good many of the books, but I don't collect them or follow them religiously. Serious fans, here's where you speak up.

[via CBR]

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