According to Sci-Fi Heaven, Academy Award winner Tom Hanks is being considered to go where no legitimate actor has ever gone before. Rumors are spreading faster than a buzz at a New Years party that Hanks may have a role in the next Star Trek film. People are saying that Hanks'connection to the current screenwriter on the project, Eric Jendresen, is what's pushing this one forward.The two last joined up to help pen the teleplay for the HBO series Band of Brothers, and if Jendresen remains as screenwriter all the way through, there's a good chance Hanks may jump on board in some capacity.

Now, before you jump on me for that whole "legitimate actor" comment I made in the paragraph above, I'm going to give you Patrick Stewart. In fact, if Hanks shows up, he'll be the biggest name actor since Stewart to join Trek. Could this be just what the series needs right now? A giant A-list actor to help revive a fading series? What do you think about this one?


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