This, the final installment in our trio of holiday Review Roundups, contains only two films. One of them is a smooth, upper-class thriller, while the other is a dark comedy about a scumbag hitman and his dorky friend - but at least one person dies in both of them, so they've got something in common. In brief: Match Point is either genius or a disaster; Pierce Brosnan is either incredibly annoying or wildly witty. Details are below.

  • Match Point: Movie lovers are so passionate about Woody Allen - whether they love him or hate what he's become is another thing entirely, of course - that it's no surprise that the reviews of Match Point are either worshipful or profoundly disappointed. Though the vast majority of critics find themselves in the former camp, those in the latter are granted validity by the careful thought that clearly went into their responses; it's a credit to both groups that reviews that disagree completely on virtually every count seem equal valid.
  • The Matador: Well, this is a weird one. Pretty much ever single review contains the phrase "anti-Bond" and makes space to praise the performance of Hope Davis, but other than that there's not much agreement. A few people - including our own Karina - absolutely hate the movie, finding its carelessness and "humor" insulting. Others, however, think it's hilarious, wonderfully-writtenfun. Probably, if you're positively disposed enough towards Brosnan to find the idea of him aggressively sending up the Bond persona appealing, there's a good chance that you'll like the movie. Beyond that, it's sort of a crap shoot.