Early this month we reported some rumblings on a possible small budget Serenity sequel for Universal-owned Sci Fi Channel. Mostly, this rumor was powered by strong Firefly DVD sales, and hopes for similar success on the Serenity DVD release. Well, over at MovieHole, the rumors are picking up strength. They report that the Serenity DVD sales are doing very well in the states, and that Firefly continues to sell very strong, even overseas. And since we all know that DVD sales are where the money is at these days, this bodes very well for a return to the franchise. No further rumors on what size screen such a return may show up on, however.

You fans out there can give yourselves a hearty pat on the back for any sequel possibilty that exists. Like him or not, Whedon has one serious and loyal fanbase, and really – he deserves it. The man works very hard to bring good material to his fans. I may not be an avid Whedon fan on the block, but I'll give credit where credit is due – the man has a relationship with his fans that any writer or director would be proud to have.

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