A Splinter Cell movie has been in the works for a long, long time - long enough, at least, to lose a director, a tentative star, and a writer. It is, however, still moving forward, and the news is actually somewhat encouraging. As opposed to the flood of video game movies that endeavor to reproduce game action on screen, according to Raymond Benson (who writes the Splinter Cell books) the movie will have nothing more than the character of Sam Fisher in common with the games and books. While I'm assuming that's an overstatement - surely the structure of the movie will be based on that of the game - it's nevertheless rather refreshing to hear about a game-based movie that is eager to set out on its own, rather than retread very, very old gaming ground.

Gamers, are you excited about this movie? If it makes any difference, the names currently being thrown around to star are David Boreanaz, Thomas Jane, and Christopher Showerman. What do you think?
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