Welcome to your daily dose ofX-Men news! Today's update is a rather interesting one, even if its not particularly huge news. A tipster (who was an extra in the upcoming film) over at JoBlo has reported that the popular Psylocke will be making an appearance in X3, played by actress Meiling Melancon. According to the tipster, the movie version of Psylocke will more closely resemble the new image of Psylocke, as opposed to classic Marvel Psylocke.

Ratner seems to be on a divine quest to populate his movie with every single member of the Marvel-verse. Or at least, all the ones that show up in the X-titles. Small cameos and bit mutant parts are certainly in abundance, according to all reports. And to that I say good for him. I'm not particularly thrilled with the direction this movie is headed as a whole, but I like the idea of making the world feel straight from the pages of Marvel comics. You can't read a single comic without encountering scads of characters popping in and out- so it makes sense for the movie to work that way as well.

[via JoBlo]

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