If Claire Denis wants to make films that push character and linear plot to the side and focus on something else, then she's welcome to it, but she can't have her cake and eat it too. The Intruder is a film that has a plot - one that is selfishly hidden from the viewer. I think the story is about a man who commits a murder, leaves the country, and spends his time on the run trying to track down a long lost son, all while recovering from a heart transplant. But I couldn't tell you who the murder victim was or whether or not we ever meet the son. By the end of the film key characters have come and gone without ever being clearly introduced, confusing dream sequences have been pigtailed together with the real story as well as shots from other French films, and the main character has spoken less than five or six pages of dialogue. All of these demerits could be praise, of course, if the imagery of the film told a story of its own or spoke to us in a unique language. But if that's what it's doing, then I just don't speak the language.

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