Except when Uwe Boll is directing them, I'm not convinced there's such thing as a bad vampire movie. Coming soon to test that principle is Ultraviolet, a Kurt Wimmer-directed actioner that, unfortunately, has nothing to do with the British vampire series of the same name. Wimmer's film, which stars the ever-delectable Milla Jovovich, is set in a future where the rules have changed for vampires. They're created by some sort of blood infection and, instead of living forever, they're killed after 10 years by the infection. In addition, the old reliable methods to Kill All Vampires don't always work, so the battle with humans is a little bit of a crap shoot. The plot, such as it is, centers around the efforts of Milla's character (her name is Violet - oh, the clever) to save a young boy (His name is Six, which is obviously a tribute to Blossom), who is thought to be the key to the human-versus-vampires war.

According to a very early review at Bloody Disgusting, the movie's soundtrack is great and its action sequences are mind-blowing - the reviewer describes them as "by far the best" he's seen in years. In addition, as opposed to the trend towards quick cutting and distracting camera movements when filming action, the sequences are shot so that you can actually see what's going on, which is excellent news. Unfortunately, however, the reviewer was not as excited about the acting or the script, which I guess isn't that surprising. Hopefully the thing has been drastically cut and re-edited since that early screening, and the kickass action will be enough to make it worth seeing.

Ultraviolet is released in the US on February 24.