As light dawns on the glorious new year of 2006, the California paparazzi involved in The Incidents we heardso muchabout last year will suffer much greater penalties for any damage they cause (or, more accurately, are found in court to have caused). Starting yesterday, photographers who find themselves involved in lawsuits related to their efforts to get pictures or information on the celebrities we so love to see in compromising positions will "now be liable for three times the damages they inflict, plus lose any payments their published photos might earn." In addition, publishers who elect to print photos taken in lawsuit-related incidents are now also liable for damages, should they be taken to court.

The punishments are certainly potentially big, but are they really going to stop anybody? As the seriously anti-paparazzi George Clooney told CNN a couple of years ago, if someone is told "
I'll give you $400,000 for the first picture of Madonna's baby," it's unlikely that even this new law is going to stop them. In other words, we probably won't be experiencing a shortage of Jennifer Aniston pictures any time soon.
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