Ever since the first Hulk film came out in 2003, dueling rumors regarding a possible sequel have been drifting around the internet. On one hand are those that insist the film is coming - hell, last summer there were even shooting dates, and an alleged Eric Banaconfirmation being bandied about. On the other hand, however, are consistent reports that Ang Lee isn't interested in a sequel, and that (despite the "confirmation"), neither is Bana.

While the status of the film remains officially up in the air - Marvel still has it on their schedule - Bana is now going on the record with the lack of interest in the project. In an interview about Munich with New York Newsday, the suddenly rather big star responded to questions about Hulk 2 by saying that "Nobody's talking about any sequel." Assuming Bana is speaking the truth here, Movie Hole is probably right in pointing to a cheap, direct-to-DVD release as the most likely outlet for a sequel.
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