Pierce Brosnan has confirmed that he is, indeed, working on producing a feature version of his 80s TV breakout, Remington Steele – and, in an uncharacteristic show of humility, he's announced that he'll pass on the title role. “I’m too old to play him right now,” Brosnan told Filmstew. Which is not to say that he wouldn't act in the film in any capacity – or, that the old, um, self-assured Pierce has been beaten entirely into submission. “I’d get myself some wonderful cameo role," he continues, "And try to steal the third act.”

But the real question is: would Remington's oh-so-early-80s premise even fly today? The original series starred Stephanie Zimbalist as a beautiful detective who goes looking for a figurehead for her agency after finding that most potential clients were squeamish about hiring a girl to investigate their cases. Enter Brosnan's Steele, a world-reknowned thief with a penchant for Humphrey Bogart and a dayglo Carmann Ghia. So is the climate for chick detectives still pretty dismal, or would Brosnan, et al, have to make this one a period piece for it to work?
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