According to a report that is making its way across the internets today, Jackie Chan and Danny DeVito are set to team up for their own buddy film. Seriously. It's going to be called 90 Mins, and will focus on a pair of school soccer teams (hence the title) battling it out "to win some major loot for their schools." The film, which will be helmed by an Indian director (Iqbul Rizvi), is supposed to start shooting next month in Kula Lampur and Selangor, among other locations, and is supposed be in theaters by the time the World Cup starts in June. (Apparently they'll be shooting for exactly 20 minutes.)

While this rumor seems to be entirely based on the word of a single tipster who is either very well-informed or bizarrely creative, it's sort of fun to think about Chan and DeVito acting together. Chan has repeatedly shown that his persona is perfect for buddy films, whereas DeVito, well, there was
Twins. Sadly, if this movie turns out to really exist and actually gets made, it seems unlikely we'll see it in American theaters. We'll just have to imagine the hijinx for ourselves.
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