Way back in October, we heard a rumor that Hayden Christenson, best known for his non-performance as Anakin Skywalker in two of the Star Wars prequels, had been cast in Factory Girl as a character based heavily on Bob Dylan. Today Rush and Malloy are saying that this rumor, whilst once true, now isn't so much. The film's original script included a torrid affair between Dylan and Edie Sedgwick (to be played by Sienna Miller), but after protests from the Dylan camp that the affair never actually happened in real life, the script has been rewritten. Christenson's character is now some kind of strange hybrid rock star, with elements of Dylan, Mick Jagger and Jim Morrisson, apparently, thrown into the mix. Still, the Boy Who Was Anakin says that Dylan remains his key influence.  "I don't want to talk with him," he said, "But I am watching all his documentaries. I'm doing my homework."
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