It's not new news that the audience – that's you –has split away from theaters and towards the lure of flashier technologies, like the Xbox 360 and the iPod Video. In Variety yesterday (what, like you got up bright and early on New Year's Day to read the trades?), Jonathan Bing asked how the studios plan to deal with that. The key pullquote comes from Jeff Zucker, chairman of NBC/Universal's TV division: "The overall strategy is to make all our content available everywhere." NBC has already had success with this – downloads of their Steve Carell-led version of The Office routinely top the iTunes video charts – but the legal, personal video download platform has as of yet gone largely unexplored by movie makers. But with ABC and NBC already colonizing our iPods with TV-originated content, how much longer can the studios wait to move into this space? As box office falls, exhibitors start relying more and more on advertising to grow their revenues, further driving the audience to seek refuge in their own devices - literally.