Since it's always slow during the holidays, you can't blame us folk for getting ourselves wrapped up in whatever minuscule news story slips down the chimney along with Santa. Last week, the big what-to-do surrounded Steven Spielberg and his possible quest to remake Mary Poppins. While somewhat absurd, some of us were partly convinced that this was true and that Spielberg was dipping into musicals in order to somehow fulfill his mission to conquer yet another genre.

Those who thought Spielberg doing Poppins (yikes, that sounded weird) would mark the end of common sense as we know it may feel a bit better knowing that the rumor may indeed be...false. According to his rep, Marvin Levine, Spielberg will not be parachuting (with an umbrella and a spoonful of CGI) into your neighborhood anytime soon. "I never heard of this and couldn't imagine Steven ever doing a remake of a classic - and a [Walt Disney] classic at that. There's a Broadway show from Disney but nothing involving us in any way"

Hmm, that's strange. So why would Sir Richard Eyre (directer of the London staged play of Poppins) be going around telling people that Spielberg wants to re-make the classic film? Could it be a different Spielberg? Or maybe Eyre just wants to draw some attention towards himself and the production? I wonder what Sherlock Holmes is up to about now?

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