Apparently, Butterfly Effect impressed people enough to at least warrant a direct-to-DVD We reported the news a few days ago, and now we're back with more details on the project. Canadian actress Erica Durance, known for her role in Smallville as Lois Lane, will star opposite an as-yet-unnamed male lead, according to the folks over at Moviehole. The site claims that annonymous sources informed them that Durance and her co-lead will be in Vancouver (Canada) from January 9th until February 7th for primary shooting.  Cinematographer John Leonetti (Star Trek: Insurrection) will make his feature-film directorial debut on the sequel. New Line is said to be aiming for a DVD release sometime this year.

Does this news make people happy? I presume there have got to be fans (of both Butterfly Effect and Ms. Durance)  somewhere who are pleased to hear this- and don't get me wrong, I actually enjoyed Butterfly Effect – but it seems to me that a sequel handled in this manner is just asking for a poorly put together, halfhearted attempt at pulling in some extra cash on the coat tails of the first's success. With any luck I'm totally wrong on this, and it'll be an enjoyable sequel. Do any fans out there have some encouraging thoughts to make me look forward to this a bit more?

[via sci fi wire]

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