There are loads of people who don't want to see Brokeback Mountain, and they've all got their reasons. Some of them might hate Ang Lee, or be allergic to horses. Others just think it looks dumb. Some, however, just don't dig on the whole Gay Thing. Larry David, proudly, counts himself as one of these - sort of. Though he insists that he's got nothing against people who happen to be gay ("I love gay people. Hey, I've got gay acquaintances. Good acquaintances, who know they can call me anytime if they had my phone number."), David nevertheless has a creeping fear of the masculine homosexuality on display in the movie. It's not that he's disturbed by the thought of watching two macho men in love - far from it. Instead, he's afraid might find the whole thing so appealing that he'll walk out of the theater gay. And then where would he be, what with the wife and everything?
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