This story is honestly just flat out amusing. According to Australian publication The Age, a farcial story regarding the independent nation of Narnia was issued by financial news agency AFX on Sunday and picked up by several other outlets, including (top business website) Forbes. According to the story, Narnia walked out of recent WTO negotiations in Hong Kong because it was fed up with being bullied by the US and UK, claiming "the major powers were attempting to enforce liberalisation of its clothing sector." According to the report, Narnia spokeswoman Susan Aslan said that the Narnia delegation was returning to their state capital at "Cair Parvel." The Age says that all agencies involved quickly removed the story upon learning of the embarassing error.

A quick Google news search provided the following headline:

WTO MEETING - Narnia walks out of talks; says tired of EU, US ' ..., NY - Dec 18, 2005
HONG KONG (AFX) - The independent state of Narnia has walked out of trade negotiations here, citing pressure from the European Union and the US to enforce ...

This is London offers a fuller explanation of the tale, saying that it indeed ran for nearly an hour on the newswires and that AFX, which ran the story, said it came from Chinese media company XFN.

This story was harmless and fun – the way all good pranks should be. Good on whoever managed to sneak this one in, even if the spelling of "Cair Parvel" hurt a bit.

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