• Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, both writers for NBC's version of The Office, have been hired by Paramount to write an Animal House-style comedy to be produced under the studio's deal with CollegeHumor.com. Details on the film haven't been leaked, but it appears that Eisenberg and Stupinsky pitched a concept to allign with the College Humor pact.
  • Brokeback Mountain continues to rope in big numbers in limited release. It gained 61% after adding just 52 screens last weekend, and is currently rocking over $13,000 per screen. Current trends show that the film is doing huge business in middle-American cities such as Nashville and Columbus, but only so-so business in suburban areas.
  • Ben Fritz and John Dempsey look at the Microsoft/Starz! Vongo deal, and sneak a heretofore unseen-by-me detail into parenthses: "Movie companies have built a code into each movie to make it compatible with a Microsoft player but prevent its transfer to an unauthorized hand-held device."
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