Patrick Swayze is going around telling hip hop magazines that he wants to be a rapper.

(Should I just let that one sink in?)

Yup, it's true. Swayze, you'll remember, was the biggest star in the world in 1987, when the surprise smash success of Dirty Dancing turned She's Like the Wind, a little slice of Swayze from the film's soundtrack, into a huge hit. 19 years later, he's apparently trying to relive that glory by recording a rap single. He told [via Page Six, who are leading this morning with the headline, "Is Patrick Swayze Crazy?") that he's got a song in the theoretical works that will prove "rap rhythms [are] an emotional undercurrent for ballads."  But don't hold your breath, Swayze fanatics – the sometime star says he doesn't yet have a "timeline" for the no-doubt revolutionary single's release.
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