Flying largely under the radar thanks to its direct-to-dvd plans, Ultimate Avengers still promises to be an enjoyable film for the Marvel fan community. While it doesn't have the big budget or live action of its fellow Marvel films, it certainly does not lack appeal. If you need proof, I suggest you surf on over to the recently launched webpage and check out there trailer. Which, honestly, is about the only thing the webpage is currently good for. For further proof, you can dig Hero Realm's interview with Bryan Hitch about his work on the project. He's very excited about it, and was genuinely pleased with the attention to style and detail.

I think this DVD flick looks entertaining. It's obviously not cinematic gold- but it was never intended to be. It also probably won't have a broad appeal outside of the usual comic book fans and kids who like action cartoons-but again, I think they were aware of that when putting it together. This movie very much feels like Marvel taking advantage of their recent upswing in popularity to provide the fans with a little something extra. Thoughts?