Did Cuba pay Lee Harvey Oswald to assasinate John F. Kennedy? That's the driving theory behind a new documentary from award-winning German filmmaker Wilfried Huismann. Rendezvous with Death is the result of a three-year investigation, through which Huismann interviewed with former Cuban secret agents, U.S. officials and a Russian intelligence source, and also delved into Mexican security archives. The film alleges that in 1963, Oswald made a journey to Mexico City, where he was paid $6,500 by agents at the Cuban embassy. The film apparently revolves around the damning testimony of a former Cuban secret agent, who claims that Oswald was a "dissdent" who would do anything to harm the United States. "He was so full of hate, he had the idea. We used him ... He was a tool." The Cuban government, the film postulates, wanted to get rid of Kennedy to clear the path for the assendancy of Castro and the Communist Revolution. Whether the country had a hand in Kennedy's death or not, that goal was claerly met: in the documentary, a former CIA official tells Huismann, "[Castro] beat us. He bested us. He came out on top, and we lost."

The film was shown to reporters in Berlin yesterday; there's no word yet on when it'll be made more widely available, but as I'm total conspiracy theory nerd, I'll let you know the minute I hear anything.
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