See that picture above? Yeah, that's me every morning as I gear up for another day of movie reporting here at Cinematical headquarters. Some often wonder why I don't wear a disguise while writing posts. I just tell them I'm too lazy to change outfits all day, plus the line for the bathroom here wraps around the entire imaginary office.

2005 is gone baby! That's right, it left the other day, on its way to obscurity, with a handful of "Free Cruise" t-shirts and a ton of nasty letters from people looking for their free cruise. Right now, it's all about 2006. Ah, such a pretty little number, isn't she? It's time to wine and dine 2006. Massage and caress 2006. Make sweet, passionate, commitment-free love to 2006. Part of me wants to say that I'm already falling in love with 2006, but I'm keeping quiet for fear she'll get spooked and run off with 2001. Damn you 2001!

By my calculations, there are roughly a gatrillion (give or take a few) films coming out this year. More movies means more stories. More stories mean I still have a job. And jobs are good. While there are several films coming out in 2006 worth waiting in line for, I've gone and picked seven that have given me a reason to wake up each morning with a smile on my face...

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