Director John Favreau has taken on the ambitious project of turning famous science fiction novel John Carter of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (a staple of the genre) into a major motion picture. Favreau realizes the daunting magnitude of the task, and has recently noted that if he doesn't feel like he's getting it right, the project will go "back on the woodpile." Currently the project is early development according the Favreau, who says that artists are at work on the research, and that a script is also in development. Apparently the project has gone through dozens of incarnations over the years, but because all but one of the characters are 15 feet tall green monsters, the technology to bring it beliveably to screen has only recently been available.

This story is certainly dear to the science fiction community, and a faithful screen adaptation could be alot of fun. I'm glad to know, however, that they are willing to let it go if they don't feel they can turn it into something deserving of the title. I'd much rather have no movie at all than a movie which doesn't do justice to the book. Stay tuned for further developments.

[via sci fi wire]

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