IFC films have picked up U.S. rights to Michael Cuesta's second film, Twelve and Holding, with plans to debut it this summer. You may remember Cuesta's first film, L.I.E., as being this warped little pedophilia-themed indie that was out (in very limited release) a few years back. I remember going to see L.I.E. while being trapped in Minneapolis for 6 months back in 2001 and then walking out of it somewhat let down. Either it wasn't the film I expected it to be based on the trailer or, frankly, it just wasn't that good.

With Twelve, Cuesta once again travels deep inside the darkened minds of adolescents to bring us, what appears to be, a pretty intricate plot surrounding three friends who, after the death of another boy by tree house fire, all set out to deal with it their own way. While I wasn't a big fan of L.I.E., I feel we should have more directors like Cuestra who tackle twisted issues without getting wrapped up in the Hollywood mold. After all, Todd Solondz can only make so many films. I'll give this one a try - how about you?

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