Okay, word is just beginning to leak over on the LA Times "The Envelope" that Jon Stewart has been chosen as the host for this year's Oscars. If this is true, I could not be a more excited person right now - mainly because it means William Shatner won't be hosting. It appears as if an official announcement will come Thursday morning.

Although no one will actually, physically confirm this, it appears as if the popular Daily Show host will lead entertainment's biggest night. Stewart hosting is a safe move. He doesn't come with the "Oh my God, who will he humiliate now?" persona that everyone feared from Chris Rock last year. He can hold his own on a stage like this. His jokes won't go overboard but they are bound to pack a punch. Will we see him singing and dancing? Eh, probably not. But we will be entertained.  I'm sure this thing will officially hit within the next couple of hours, so stay glued to your computer screen for more updates.

[via Defamer]