Lindsay Lohan admitted in a Vanity Fair interview that she has dabbled in drug use and her weight loss last year was the result of bulimia.  The young actress, who was hospitalized this week for a severe asthma attack, told the magazine that after 2004's Mean Girls she experimented with drugs "a little". She denies using cocaine in the interview, but openly discusses the bulimia that led to her sudden skinniness. "I was making myself sick," Lohan admits.

Is this really a big shock to anyone? Anyone who witnessed Lohan's shrinkorama over the past year, as she went from curvy and sexy to stick-like and sickly-looking, knew the girl had an eating disorder; with the crowd she's been running with and the late night partying, the drug use shouldn't come as a huge shock either. Why is it that if an actress admits drug use, it's no big deal, but if someone actually takes a photo of it, ala Kate Moss, it's a huge-ass scandal?

Lohan, one of the hardest-working actresses in Hollywood at the moment, has been maintaining a busy schedule -- she costars in A Prairie Home Companion, due out in June, and the just completed Just My Luck,  has been filming Emilio Estevez's film about Robert F. Kennedy's assasination, Bobby, another project called The New Girl in pre-prod, and is due to begin filming another assasination film, Chapter 27, about John Lennon's murder, in two weeks. Lots of work, lots of Hollywood pressue to be thin, blond and beautiful, and lots of hanging out with the skinny, rich, partying crowd in Hollywood (can you say Paris Hilton? I knew you could), apparently added up to lots of pressure on Lohan to morph from curvaceous, freckly redhead to ultraskinny blond. Here's hoping she finds her way back to the uniqueness that set her apart from the rest of the Hollywood Barbie doll wannabes, and that she keeps her head on straight.

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