Here's the lastest from around the pages of comic book moviedom, distilled into happy little bullet points for your reading pleasure.

  • A new picture of Kirk Jones in all his Blade glory has been unearthed by the good folks over at Comics Continuum. Spike TV hopes to turn the made for TV movie into a pilot for a new series about the Marvel character.
  • Also in the world of images, a new shot of Kirsten Dunst gearing up for her next performance as MJ from People magazine.
  • In other Web-news, actress Natalie McNeil'swebsite currently indicates that Natalie has bagged a "co-star role" in Spidey 3.
  • Comic Continuum brings you notes on voice actor Marc Worden, who will be voicing Iron Man in both upcoming Ultimate Avenger's films, as well as the upcoming Iron Man film (all three animated). You can also read the thoughts of Marvel staff on Worden and the part he'll be playing.
  • Finally, you can scope this PDF to learn that a Candian company named PQ Systems is working on technical aspects of Ratner's X-Men 3.



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