For awhile now, all we've been hearing about the character Harvey "Two Face" Dent (as per his part in the next two Batman films) was that Liev Schreiber had all but locked up the role. Now, according to Batman on Film, it seems as if you can throw Josh Lucas' name into the mix. The actor, who has been quietly inching his way up the radar with films like Sweet Home Alabama and Wonderland,has also dipped into the Marvel universe with a role as baddie Glen Talbot in the movie version of the Hulk.

Lucas also has a prominent role in the soon-to-be-released Glory Road, as well the upcoming Poseidon remake. Could this be why they're going after him? Is Josh Lucas the next big thing? Personally, I think Schreiber would play a better Two Face, seeing as he easily has the ability to gofrom straight-laced to creepy in a matter of moments. Lucas, however, has this whole boy-next-door thing going on and I'm not so sure he can pull off the amount of depth required for the Two Face role.

Another possible problem with casting is that whoever signs on to that role will have to do so for two films, instead of one. From what we understand so far, Dent will not be making his actual transformation into Two Face until the third Batman installment. Who do you like better for the role - Lucas or Schreiber?


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