We don't really cover DVD sales around here (we much prefer to talk about the box office, and all those monkeys, hobbits, and wardrobes), but this week's numbers are worth noting. Though there's nothing particularly interesting or surprising about most of the movies in the top 10 - The 40 Year Old Virgin is still doing well, as is John Singleton's Four Brothers, and a couple of new releases also made strong showings. At the top of the heap, however, is a sequel that never appeared in theaters: yes, that's right, American Pie: Band Camp outsold all other DVD titles in its debut week. Despite the fact that the only returning main cast member is Eugene Levy and all the other actors are people you've never heard of, the movie moved over a million units in just a few days. So, if studios needed a sign that the direct-to-video market is thriving, I guess this is it.

Ok, who bought it? Fess up, and give us some details. Is it cheap and awful? Incredibly brilliant comedy? Boring and sad?
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