Hey, I'm looking at Uwe.* Uwe Boll, to be specific; that wacky German man who likes to call himself a director and has a penchant for creating awful video game to film adaptations. Boll's latest masterpiece, as you all know, hits theatres this very weekend. Bloodrayne, the vampire movie (sort of based on the video game of the same name), is set in Transylvania and is called by Boll himself "extremely violent" and "disturbing." Even more disturbing, in my mind, is that Boll (very optimistically) considers Bloodrayne to be a franchise, which is why he chose to set this film in 1750 instead of the WWII, where the game had it. We all know that a franchise means more than one film- and as we've reported to you before, Boll is optimistic enough about this movie's prospects that he no doubt thinks he can spin its success into yet more Bloodrayne movies. Nevermind that such an occurance would be a first for Boll, and is probably listed in Revelation somewhere as one of the signs of a coming apocalypse.

The very best part here is Boll's idea for a sequel- the man wants to set it in the Wild West! That's right, a good old fashioned cowboys 'n Indians n' Vampires flick. Yee-haw!

*I apologize profusely for this terrible pun. Sometimes you just can't hold them in.

[via IGN filmforce]

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