According to a list of "Famous Gays and Lesbians" that is part of an official, (partially) government-funded education plan in England, Kevin Spacey is a big homo. Or rather he was until yesterday, when with a flustered "Oops!", he was quickly removed from the list. The list was created by a British LGBT group, whose organizer Paul Patrick claimed to be "saddened and angry" about the error, which was apparently part of a lesson plan provided to schools. Patrick went on to say that that his group "double checked...[its] material carefully but Mr Spacey's name got through. I don't know how." Yeah, me either, Paul. Can't imagine.

Appearing on the list with Spacey were such gay luminaries as Graham Norton and Oscar Wilde - and apparently none of the kids who received the presentation last year found it at all odd that Spacey's name was there as well. I'm just sayin.

[via Jossip]
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