Sony chairman Howard Stringer led a major presentation at CES this morning, including a look at the technology behind Ron Howard's upcoming feature version of Da Vinci Code. Howard, prodcucer Brian Grazer, and star Tom Hanks all showed up to help Stringer shill, and according to our big brothers at Engadget, Hanks did a teleprompter-mocking schtick that made the morning. Paul Boutin writes:

"Hanks walks on and gets huge laughs by pretending to squint at the teleprompter:  "Thank you, Howard.  It's a great honor (SQUINTS) to be here today (SQUINTS) to deliver (SQUINTS) these heartfelt comments about Sony's new SXRD High-Definition Television.""

But I'm more interested in a bit of dialogue between Howard and Grazer. The duo, whose last collaboration, Cinderella Man, was one of the most infamous flops of a landmark low box office year, used the opportunity to agressively push moviegoing-as-mantra. At the end of a section of the talk on Sony's new digital theatrical projectors, Grazer said, "There are five or six movies every year that are a social experience ... I only want to see them by driving to a theater." Howard concurred: "Nothing's going to replace the shared social experience of going to a theater." Just keep on saying it, Ronnie ... eventually, even you'll believe it.
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